Where sales, marketing, and culture intersect

Where sales, marketing, and culture intersect

A complete CRM solution tailored specifically to the needs of cultural institutions. With the KultúrApp mobile application, you can connect your audience with your institution more efficiently than ever before. This way, you can understand and inspire your target audience in an entirely new way.

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With KultúrApp, we offer a solution package that seamlessly connects your audience, CRM system, and website within one application. This allows you to simultaneously enhance the efficiency of your institution’s marketing and communication activities while increasing audience satisfaction.

Kulturális CRM rendszer alkalmazása: segítük Önnek megismerni, hogyan működik a Kultúrapp.
Kulturális CRM rendszer (Kultúrapp) segítségével könnyedén lefedhetőek az intézmény egyedi igényei.

With a modern and user-friendly interface, users can easily access all essential information about the institution, performances, or the integrated loyalty program, thereby increasing audience engagement. Moreover, KultúrApp supports ticket management, integrating not only the purchase process but also providing one-click access to all ticket details after the purchase.

Kulturális CRM (KultúrApp) elérhetősége a Google Play rendszerén keresztül.
Kulturális CRM (KultúrApp) elérhetősége az App Store rendszerén keresztül.

Within the cultural CRM application’s loyalty program, viewers can provide their preferences, enabling personalized communication conducted by the CRM system. The freshly collected data can not only enhance communication but, with the help of the CRM system, analyze purchasing habits and formulate unique offers.

Why did we create a cultural CRM system?

In the management of cultural institutions, various institution- and customer-specific needs may arise, which are not, or only partially, covered by products known in the market. Since it is essential for these systems to operate not only in a user-friendly manner but also with a strong customer-centric approach, at Grepton, we have created the KultúrApp – making the management of various cultural institutions highly efficient with the following tools:

Institutional Benefits

  • Outstanding, targeted communication
  • Encouraging ticket purchases
  • Managing loyalty programs
  • Collecting profile data
  • Brand strengthening and commitment
  • Direct website connection and integration with the CRM system

Audience Benefits

  • Directly accessible news and content
  • Easy ticket purchase and management
  • Route planning
  • Loyalty program details
  • Exclusive content
  • User-friendly interface


A joint development between project Grepton and the Hungarian State Opera, this is an app where sales, marketing and culture meet. Opera also offers its users a range of extra services and discounts as a personalised application of its loyalty programme.