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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems have become an inescapable part of every company’s life: effective customer relations, marketing communication or sales and customer service processes are unthinkable without well-constructed, accurately functioning systems.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a multi-module, cloud-based solution that integrates with Microsoft office applications. It creates a link between sales and marketing activities: different modules support the entire sales process in a pre-designed, yet customisable way, creating a 360-degree view of the customer.

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Linking sales and marketing activities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A good CRM system creates value for your company in many areas: it can deliver the best in all areas thanks to the marketing and sales activities that are coordinated in CRM. Increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns simultaneously in one system. Move towards data-driven marketing and sales.

CRM and marketing

Develop a marketing strategy:
A CRM system allows the marketing team to develop targeted and more effective marketing campaigns. Customer profiles help us to better understand customer preferences, needs and buying habits, and send them tailored messages and offers accordingly. This increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the conversion rate.
There is also a strong demand for the introduction of automated marketing processes. Ideally, sales and marketing processes are aligned and a CRM system is key to this.

Marketing automation is not just a buzzword, but a powerful tool in the right hands. For most people, this means email marketing – it can be effective in its traditional form, but behavioural email marketing is now the focus and more and more companies are taking advantage of this opportunity.
Integrate with your established systems: newsletter software (Mailchimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign) that can be integrated with your CRM sales module makes it easy to activate passive customers, regularly segment and target contacts, increase and maintain engagement.

Data-driven marketing & Marketing Dashboard
Increasingly, marketing managers are under pressure to use visual dashboards to help management understand the effectiveness and complexity of current marketing projects. Agencies that regularly report to their clients on the effectiveness of campaigns and the return on media spend also find Power BI dashboards with business intelligence solutions useful, as dashboards that show real-time data, updated automatically on a regular basis, make it easier to optimise processes and achieve KPIs.

Social Media and Marketing Dashboard
The marketing dashboard gives businesses the ability to track their marketing efforts and measure results in one place. This can include online advertising, email marketing, website traffic and sales conversions. The marketing dashboard gives businesses an easy overview of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, customer interactions and recurring business opportunities. This allows businesses to react in a timely manner and optimise their marketing strategy to achieve better results.

CRM and Sales: supporting sales

A CRM system helps you manage, track and measure your sales processes more effectively. It provides insights into customer preferences, buying habits and needs. This enables the sales team to increase sales through tailored offers, more accurate timing and more effective customer communication.

Customer relationship management:
A CRM system allows businesses to keep customer data in a unified and structured way. This includes customer names, contact details, purchase history, complaints and other important information. This allows companies to get an accurate picture of their customer base and develop more targeted marketing and sales strategies.

Customer care
The CRM Sales module supports your salespeople to provide the best customer care during the sales process. The user-friendly, easy-to-use interface shows all the relevant activities and information you need to do business successfully.

Sales process
Dynamics CRM has pre-built business processes to support the best customer management. The framework is flexible and customisable, so it can be easily adapted to your processes. And repetitive processes can be easily automated.

It is particularly important for managers to be able to see and measure the activities and effectiveness of their team. CRM makes it easy for managers to see what is happening in sales.

CRM and customer service

CRM systems enable you to manage customer information effectively and build and maintain valuable customer relationships for your business. Customer service is of paramount importance for businesses, as this direct contact with customers also affects a company’s reputation and recurring business opportunities.

The purpose of implementing the D365 Customer Service system is to manage this customer service activity in a dedicated target system, in order to ensure that incoming requests are handled in the most efficient way.

This allows customer-facing colleagues to work in a focused, user-friendly interface, providing faster and more efficient service and enhancing the customer experience. The D365 Customer Service system can be integrated with Microsoft products already in use in the company, making it much easier to communicate with customers and reducing the administrative burden. It tracks customer service cases in detail and makes work and reporting even more efficient and transparent with built-in master intelligence and Power BI.

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Custom-built CRM-based solutions

To further exploit the considerable potential of these systems, we have created additional custom applications that open up new possibilities for using CRM.


A unique mobile app developed specifically for cultural institutions to get closer to their audiences, increase engagement and communicate with them in a new 21st century way.

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