Ever wondered how to rollout your customer’s or your own Dynamics software to Hungary?

Be it AX, NAV, CRM or Dynamics 365, now you have found the right solution.

We, at Grepton, are proud of having worked hard with our customers: to gain the experience in this business domain.  We are dedicated to help companies  to reap the benefits of a group-level business software package and a local financial package. All in one.

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With our localization package and the implementation experience you can more efficiently control this phase of a group-level implementation. Both in terms of  time, scope and budget. Our package covers not only the regulatory requirements, but all additional functionality and reports.  These  represent ‘best practice’ in Hungarian accountants’ world. With our help, you can combine the AX expertise,  the understanding of local financial needs and requirements – and can deliver customer satisfaction in all levels of the organization.

We cooperate in multiple scenarios based on the involvement need of customer and/or the global implementation partner during the rollout process

We are here to help you implement the relevant Microsoft Dynamics Software and to organize the rollout for your company.

Your involvement with our team can start with limited financial consulting, and implementing our localization package for specific finance, accounting, tax, and bank interface areas. (These can be online invoice reporting, EKAER, or petty cash etc).

Our involvement can be extended further. We are ready to cover some of the core-business related functional areas within supply chain. (Such as sales, purchasing, or complex inventory management, the warehousing, and manufacturing.)

Our team is very capable of helping in data and information consolidation. Including financial consolidation and the related Business Intelligence consulting and/or the neccessary development.

As a partly individual way of the cooperation, our very experienced and talented development team is ready to take on engagements as an outsourced AX development resource pool.

Ready to start the roullout and the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics?

Czere Márk

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Should any of the potential cooperation be of your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us now.